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Best 3D Printer For Kids

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Best 3D Printer For Kids Which Will Help Your Child Become A World-Known Creator

A 3D Printer for kids isn’t actually a new thing. These printers have been among us for quite some time and they are more than just popular. Reasons are simple. 3D printers are extremely useful, sophisticated and they allow you to create anything you want with a few presses of a button (actually more presses). The only reason why 3D printers for kids were left behind is the price. They used to be very expensive, but this has changed.

Nowadays, there are a lot of affordable, practical models that are actually suitable for kids. Here, we will help you understand why we have a high opinion of 3D printers for kids and why we believe that your child needs one.

All the benefits and advantages a 3D Printer for kids will provide

You may believe that these printers are fancy toys, but you are seriously wrong. They are used in all kinds of industries and they are considered as powerful tools rather than anything other. A 3D printer will be able to transform a shape, item or anything you like from a virtual into the real world. For kids, this has huge advantages, so let’s discover them right here and right now.

You will create a designer or a creator of your child

One of the first and probably the most important reasons is that a 3D printer will transform your kid from an ordinary child to a creator. This is possible simply due to the fact your child will spend hours and hours designing shapes, creating unique items and making them a reality. Children who have become real creators thanks to the help of 3D printers are a reality. For example, a boy named William Grame developed a device for storing blood test strips using a machine in question. He is just one of many.

The bottom line here is to understand that your child may become the next best-known inventor. Maybe he already has a desire for that, but now you will help him transform it into reality.

2D to 3D conversion: Making art, live again

Most children are interested in art and they will be even more interested in turning that art into reality a shape and object they can touch and play with. All 3D printers are based and designed to transform 2D objects into three-dimensional ones. In other words, you will have to design an item in 2D, click print and you will get it in three-dimensional shape. This has a huge effect on all children and their creativity levels. Just think of all the possibilities and all the advantages your kid will get with this possibility.

Improve education

Most children are not really interested in things they learn at school. But, if they use 3D printers to help them understand the main objects and the subjects, they will be interested. Even now there are several schools that use 3D printers in order to enhance the education of their students. Some professors even claim that they have students who are not interested in anything, but they will do the 3D printing.

Maybe your children aren’t interested in conventional education, but this doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in anything. He will be more than just curious when you bring a new 3D printer to him.

Future employment will be enhanced as well

At the moment, 3D printing requires plenty of education, learning, and training. It means that if you, as a parent wants to start working with a 3D printer, you will need months to get it all figured out. But, your children will already have all the basics and even all the advanced facts about these printers. In other words, he will already understand how they work and he will be able to create anything that is possible with a printer of this kind.

This simply should help you understand that in the near future, your child will have much, much higher chanced to find a better job due to the fact he already knows all he needs about 3D printing. These jobs are known for great salaries, so chances are high that your child will have above the average salary. As such, you should consider 3D printers as an investment rather than a toy. They are everything except an advanced toy, keep that in mind!

Teach children about teamwork and responsibilities

Children like playing together, obviously, so they will want to work together on a project based on the 3D printing. This tells us that they will learn about the teamwork, they will want to create something together and they will want to develop it even more. Who knows, maybe your children will start a team which will develop a multi-billion dollar company! There are no limits here and all is possible with a 3D printer.

Maybe we get ahead of time, but these are actual possibilities. At the moment, all you have to know is that 3D printing will help your children understand teamwork, working together and creating something with the help of the friends. All of this is basically essential for adult life and for those who are planning to actually work in teams.

Earn how things actually work

If we tell you that a car gearbox has gears which turns all the time, you will get a picture of that. This is basically the method that has been used in education for centuries. It is used now as well! The main issue is the fact that your fantasy determines the quality of learning. In other words, you may think of the mentioned gears differently than they actually look and operate.

A 3D printer will assist your child to understand how these things actually work. He will create 3D models and test them in the real world, discovering all the features, flaws and main aspects of all kinds of systems. We also believe that most parents will use their children’s 3D printers for the same purpose as well.

3D printers are becoming more and more affordable

A few years back, you weren’t able to purchase a 3D printer. Their prices were up to $1 million, so they were reserved for just a few. Nowadays, the situation is different. 3D printers are more affordable and they can be yours without having to make any sacrifices at all. Furthermore, there are models that are specifically made for children. They are even more affordable, so there is no an excuse why you shouldn’t get one for your child!

All you have to know is that 3D printers are a huge advantage modern society, or children of today have. They are beneficial when it comes to fun, education, having a great time and shaping the future of our children!

5 Best 3D printers for Children

Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer

Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D PrinterYour kid or better said you and your child are going to like the 3D printer we have right here. It is one of the most sophisticated and the most advanced printers of this kind within this price range and on the market in general. There are plenty of reasons why to like this unit. First of all, it offers advanced features, so it is a decent choice for beginners and advanced users. The user interface is great and probably one of the best in the class. This unit comes with 5 inch display, automatic loading operation, and superb bed aligning.

The next main thing to mention is the fact this unit is a great value for money. Yes, it is a more expensive model on our list, but it is loaded with features and offers the best possible quality so it is a worthy investment to make. Of course, when it comes to performances, it is the best in the class as well. It will offer you a layer thickness of 0.05 ~ 0.4 mm, FFF nozzle technology, PLA, ABS technology and color availability and all of this is paired with heated aluminum bed platform. Most, similar models have rubbed platform, which is more flexible but isn’t as great as this one here.

As a user, you will have the ability to monitor the entire process using only your smartphone. This is one of the best features when it comes to a 3D Printer for kids. Let’s not forget to mention that this particular model is massive, so it is heavy and can be used for more demanding operations.


  • Superb performances
  • Easy to use and practical
  • Massive printing capabilities
  • Smartphone process monitoring
  • Aluminum bed platform


  • Maybe expensive for some of you
  • It is heavy (42 pounds)
  • For bigger children only

XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 Pro. 3 in 1 Wireless

XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3in1 Wireless 3D PrinterThe model in question looks like it has been specifically designed for kids. Basically, it has it all. The attention to details, the level of features and sophistication and all of this at a low price. Sadly, the price isn’t that low, but it is one of the more affordable models here. And, as the name suggests, this is 3 in 1 3D printer. This is also the main advantage of the model in question. It is capable of 3D printing, or laser engraving and object scanning.

We liked the object scanning the best. This feature allows for you or better said for your child to scan an object from multiple angles and the software will be used to match all the versions into one great-looking object. The laser engraving feature is impressive no less and it is one of more desirable systems we were able to see, but also one of very rare capabilities in the world of 3D printers. Scanning of almost any object that can fit the device is 5 minutes.

The software that comes with the printer in question is impressive as well. It is developed in order to be as simple as possible, yet to offer all the features an average user will ever need. Furthermore, this model is equipped with Wi-Fi, advanced calibration control and offers a decent user manual.


  • 3 in 1 model (scanner, printer and laser engraver)
  • Scanning is very accurate
  • Advanced calibration system
  • User manual
  • Value for money


  • Complicated to use
  • Slow 120 mm/s

XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. 1.0 Pro. 3D Printer ~6″x6″x6″

da Vinci Jr Pro 3D PrinterThe unit we have here is special or better said the one, most children will appreciate. Yes, it is a simple 3D printer, but it has been paired with advanced features and even better capabilities. What this means is that the unit will be more than just perfect for advanced users, who already had an opportunity to use a 3D printer. For example, if you are looking for an upgraded 3D printer to meet the requirements of your child, this one would be just perfect.

The main fact to know is that here you get a closed design, meaning that the case is fully closed, which improves the safety and it is usually reserved for high-end models. Anyway, a child will appreciate the fact the 3D model will be fully protected until it is completed. In addition, this particular model is compatible with third-party PLA materials, so it can be used for all possible applications.

One feature we liked a lot is the fact there is a 3D gallery with thousands of objects and shapes. Children can use them to mix and match and create unique developments that will be more than just appreciated in the world of 3D printing.


  • Sophisticated model
  • Decent value for money
  • Fast and reliable
  • Supports third-party PLA materials


  • Limited by closed design
  • Poor customer support

da Vinci miniMaker 3D Printer -6″x6″x6″

da Vinci miniMaker 3D PrinterAnd here we can see a simple model which is just perfect for most users who are looking for an entry-level 3D printer for their children. The particular model we tested comes with a superb calibration tool. It will calibrate itself and all you have to do is to run the calibration test. There is a 9-point calibration system which is accurate and reliable.

The 3D printer will work perfectly with most computers used today. It supports Windows and Mac operating system. You may need to upgrade the graphics card driver before connecting the 3D printer in question. Other facts you will want to know include a great customer support and a high satisfaction rate.

You will also appreciate the fact that this is a great deal. Each owner will get free additions regarding the maintenance STEAM 3D design and etc. If we add the fact that this is an affordable model that comes as a great value for money, you can understand why it had to be on our list. An interesting additional might be the fact we actually liked the end result of the model and we were slightly impressed with the overall performance.


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with free gift cards
  • Supports all operating systems
  • Self-calibration


  • You may need to invest some time in drivers and setups
  • Slow (100 mm/s)
  • Lack of advanced features

JGAURORA 3d Printer A3kit Prusa i3 DIY 3d Printers Self Assembly

JGAURORA 3d Printer A3kit Prusa i3 DIY 3d PrintersThe JGAURORA 3d Printer A3kit Prusa i3 DIY 3d printer can be used by children or adults. It is a special model that is very popular on the market at the moment. We liked the facts this unit is self-assembly, meaning that a new user must assembly the 3D printer before using it. But, the actual assembly process is so simple that you will need less than 10 minutes to complete it. After that, you are ready to use it straight away.

When it comes to features, there are a few of them which must be mentioned. The first one is the implementation of the linear bearings which are extremely accurate, produce less noise than usual and they are durable. Then we have a new system which makes this 3D printer extremely accurate, making it desirable for all of you and for those who need accuracy.

Other facts you may know is the compatibility to OBJ and STL file types, the overall weight of 20.9 pounds and the compatibility with Mac OS, Windows operating system, and Linux. Keep in mind that this particular unit uses FDM technology for printing.


  • Self-assembly makes it even more appealing to most children
  • Accurate and capable of printing complicated shapes
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with all operating systems


  • Poor quality user manual
  • Lack of advanced options
  • Sensitive construction


The best 3D Printer for kids can be each one mentioned on the list. We liked and rated them accordingly, so you can clearly understand which model is the winner here. Anyway, all 5 models are currently popular on the market. They are appreciated for the quality, value for money and features they offer. Let’s not forget that you will be more than just satisfied with any of these models, especially if you know that they are specifically optimized for children. In other words, they are easy to use and they add a fun factor to the equation.


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